Saturday, April 10, 2010

Stitches West 2010

Here are all the pictures I took at Stitches that can fit into this blog post.














I think that it's pretty impressive I didn't spend all my money.


P.S. Sorry for the blurry pictures, I didn't want to hold up traffic by waiting for the camera to focus!

Friday, April 9, 2010


Oh gosh, where to begin?

Stitches West 2010 in Santa Clara, CA (I attended Feb. 26-28) was absolutely amazing! My aunt and I went and all the fiber was sooo drool worthy. And the place was huge!! It's no wonder that I spent over $200 there. (I think what I'll do is a text post, for the most part, here, and then do posts with all the photos at another time.)

After Stitches, I signed up for the Evenstar Mystery KAL, designed by Susan Pandorf. Goodness, that woman is a genius. I absolutely love it so far, even though I'm a bit behind. Clue 5 came out today, and I'm almost half way through Clue 4. Hopefully I can finish both of those before Clue 6 comes out in two weeks. If I finish everything "on time," it will be the fastest shawl I've ever knit! I don't think I'll put any pictures up of it because of spoilers, but I will put them on my Ravelry page, after I update the project pictures.

Speaking of project pictures, I've finished the Muir shawl! At last! I actually finished knitting it way back in February, but it was only two weeks ago that I blocked it out. Oh, how I love it. (And a cool side note, I met Rosemary Hill, the designer of the Muir Shawl, at Stitches. I gave her my Rav name and she said she'd check out my finished Muir... how embarrassing, since I still don't have any FO pictures of it up yet.) I'm really wanting to do a photo shoot with this shawl for it's FO pictures, and I have rough concepts, but no definite plan. Plus, it would be nice if I was the one wearing it, but at the same time, I really don't like being in pictures. Not too sure what to do 'bout that one.

In personal news, I got my driver's license on Monday. The only problem is, I can't drive my car, which is a stick shift. I learned on my mum's, and it's an automatic. My dad says that I'll get used to it and get better at it, but I really don't like driving it. So I'm not sure if I'll be driving to school next week (this week was spring break) since I'm not too comfortable with it yet.

And in school, I have a crapload of work, which I really should have started on, but relaxing and essentially doing nothing sounded much better. It is spring break, right? Anyways, since school resumes on Monday, tomorrow and Sunday will be full of work *bleh*.

And in less that a month, AP and IB tests will begin. It's going to be horrid. In the first week of May, I will have a test every day, and two on Wednesday. After that, I'll have three more days of testing - one on the following Monday, and then one each on the Monday and Tuesday after that. But, I will still go to knit night (which I can drive to all by myself)! I'll definitely need some stress relief, and I'm thinking that that will be it.

Well, I think that's the gist - I'll be going photo dumps of posts later to show my FOs, WIPs, and Stitches, of course!

(Hopefully,) talk to you later!