Saturday, May 15, 2010

One month to go...

There is only one month of school left, and apparently, my teachers are intent on cramming it full of projects and deadlines (yuck!). But I have retained the little sanity I own through... you guessed it... knitting (and friends of course, they are a given in such a situation). I'm going through a bit of startitis right now, and I don't see it stopping (maybe slowing) in the near future... it's quite fun, and I still have three project bags that are empty.

I did finish something, too! In fact, it was such a quick knit (and I'm such an erratic blogger), that it never got to the WIP tab, and made it's blog debut on the Finished Objects list. It's a headband, from DROPS (86-10, I believe) and I made it out of Cascade 220 in a very pretty blue. I wish I had made it a little shorter so that it's a little more snug, but it does it's job and keeps my ears warm while allowing me to have my hair up. Good stuff. DROPS Headband - Me

The rest of the pictures will be my WIPs....

My Rivendell Smoke Ring, designed by Susan Pandorf (who is a frikkin' genius!), and an add on pattern with the Fellowship of the Ring series (which I signed up for, wee!). I'm making this with STR Heavyweight Gail's Autumn Joy. I know that it's highly variegated, which isn't that good for lace, but I like it too much to change yarn =D. However, I am thinking about going up a needle size (or two, not sure) because it's a little tight, and it won't have the drape that the original Rivendell Smoke Ring will have (I think the yarn had silk in it). Actually, that may be one of the things to do today - frog it and restart it on a larger needle size. Most of Susan Pandorf's (yes, I will repeat her entire name because I'd feel strange using just her first name, too familiar) pattern's are on US size 3's, so I think I'll just have to keep that in mind when I choose my own needle size for her designs.
Rivendell Smoke Ring - 5.8.10

This is my Singles' Awareness Day Scarf. I started it on Valentine's Day, 2009, and as such, it is my oldest WIP. For that, it is going to come with me to every knit night. Last week, I got a whole lace repeat done, so I think that this is a good plan, and I only wish I had thought of it sooner.
Singles' Awareness Day Scarf - 5.8.10 (2)
A closer look at the lace. The pattern is the Inverted Hearts pattern from the Harmony Guide's Lace & Eyelets book.
Singles' Awareness Day Scarf - 5.8.10


Were you sufficiently warned? I know that many people that participated (are participating) in the Evenstar Mystery KAL have seen up to Clue 4 (have gotten past Clue 4...), but just in case, I had to say something. The pattern is now completely released, although I'm behind (only one more repeat of Clue 4, then on to Clue 5!). This pattern is amazing and beautiful and I shall sing the praises of Susan Pandorf for a very long time (and not for the last time in the post). I hope she doesn't think I'm a stalker or anything... :D
Evenstar Shawl - 5.8.10

This is the body so far of my sweater, the Burnished Tunic from Knitscene Fall 2008. The color is darker than in this picture, but I really enjoy this pattern, it goes by really quick. Now, I just need to get my arse into gear and get exercising, so I can fit into it once it's done!
Burnished Tunic - 5.8.10

Dad's Hunting Hat, made out of a Yarn Place yarn that I got from Stitches. Much easier than a sweater, by far. And it's so bright, it's pretty fun. This is my mindless knitting, the project I bring to school with me.
Dad's Hat - 5.8.10

If the SAD Scarf is my knit night project, My Vampire Boyfriend Socks is my KIP project, because I need to work on them. I started them a while ago, out of Knit Picks Essential Kettle Dyed in the colorway Wine (so gorgeous!), but I've been slow to make progress on them. Probably a combination of the bluntness of the needles and the purl ladders I get when going to the next half of the sock (working it on magic loop). But I do love them (and I got Anna at knit night addicted to them too, I fully take the blame for that)!
My Vampire Boyfriend Socks - 5.8.10

Last WIP in the post, and also a Susan Pandorf (and FotR) pattern, the Legolas Kerchief. When I first started this, it flew along, but now I haven't been paying much attention to it, not out of dislike, but because other projects are claiming my attention. I love the colors in the yarn though, but the yarn is a little sheddy (mohair). Hopefully after a gentle wash (once I'm done, not anytime soon) it won't be as bad.
Legolas Kerchief - 4.6.10

My other two WIPs are ones that are off the needles but not finished from some reason. My Hemlock Ring Blanket, by Jared Flood (a.k.a. Brooklyn Tweed), is all done, it just needs to be blocked. Diana's Sekrit Birthday Present was for her 16th birthday, and now she's already 17. But if I have it done (I need to pull out my sewing machine to finish it) with this year's gift at her birthday party (mid-June), it all evens out, right?

Catch ya later!