Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Saga of Ravelympics

Well, I guess super regular blogging isn't really an option for me, is it?

I'm not quite sure all that has happened since last time I wrote, but I'll try to get everything and be concise (what a concept!).

I frogged my dad's sweater. It was originally my Ravelympics project (go Team TOSSers!) and I worked on it some before deciding that I couldn't stand to do a sweater in pieces and at knit night, I frogged it, found a copy of EZ's Knitting without Tears (love having knit night at a book store =] ), and decided to make one of her seamless sweaters. When I got home (and I drove home, on the freeway, at night, with Si in the car), I told my dad to pick a sweater. And you know what? He said that he was over sweaters! He asked instead for a fluorescent orange hat (to wear when he goes hunting). So I'm off the hook (or maybe needle)! (But I will still probably make him a sweater with that yarn... eventually.)

Instead, I decided to make the Cinquefoil hat (from Twist Collective, not sure what issue though) as my Ravelympics project. It's my first true colorwork project, and it's way fun and totally flying. I figured out how to do the floats and even though I cast on on Tuesday (at 10:30 at night), I'm already on the border chart. Maybe I'll even finish before next Tuesday (*crosses fingers*)!

I also just frogged my Outside In socks (from an issue of Knitty). The yarn, Premier Yarns Serenity Sock Weight was just bugging the crap outta me. This pair was the second pair of socks I tried to make in this yarn, and you know, I'm just really not feeling it. I'm going to try to destash it.... =D. I had only knit the leg of the first sock (which took me forever - I started it in September!) so frogging was super quick. And I got to count it as another Ravelympics project!

I finished all the knitting on the Muir shawl, now I just have to block it. I don't have blocking wires (though I do have T-pins), so I've been putting it off. Hopefully this weekend I can get both the Muir shawl and the Hemlock Ring Blanket blocked.

Hmmm, that's about it knitting-wise. I haven't worked on my Burnished Tunic since I last posted (totally my own fault and wanting to correct it). And OH! Stitches West is this weekend, I can't wait. I'm so psyched, and I know I'll want to buy everything. I'm going to be stopping at Blue Moon Fiber Arts for sure, and I'll also be on the hunt for a drop spindle and some Romney fiber - Stacy (from knit night) is going to teach my how to spin! I can't wait. I told my mom, and she's like "Great, another space consuming hobby." She was just teasing though, as her hobby - scrapbooking - fills the entire computer room, so she doesn't really have room to talk.

My driving test for my license is scheduled for April 5th (my mom's birthday) at 10:00 A.M. I'm kinda nervous, but excited too. I really hope I pass the first time, I really do want my license.

Well, that's all folks! No pictures this time, but definitely next time!

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