Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mamma Mia!

Yesterday, I found out that the yarn I ordered for Sierra's shawl was backordered.  I wasn't too happy about it, as it wouldn't be in stock until August 5th, and I had been planning on starting both shawls (Kierstyn's and Sierra's) in July.  That really failed.

Today, I got (most of) my Knit Picks order in the mail.  I hungrily opened the box, so happy that my yarn was finally here.  When I looked at my yarn, however, I was sorely disappointed.  It was exactly what I ordered (minus the backordered yarn).  But it was not what I saw on the monitor.  I bought four balls of Knit Picks Palette, in the color Masala.  On my monitor and on Sierra's monitor, it looked red, and was the closest match for fire.  In reality, it lives up to its name, which is a mixture of spices.  It looks like pumpkin, or burnt orange.  I was intending to use this yarn to knit Kierstyn's Mystic Light shawl, but I don't think I will now as the color isn't right.  

On a bright side, my mom took my sister and I to the movies today.  We saw Mamma Mia!  The movie was brilliant.  I have seen the musical twice, in two different theaters, and have the soundtrack.  I wasn't too sure about how well the movie would be when I saw the previews.  But it far exceeded my expectations.  I would even venture to say that is at least as good as the play when I saw it in Los Angeles (that was the larger budget production version).  Some songs from the play weren't in the movie, and some other ABBA songs were in the movie that weren't in the play.  But, it was absolutely amazing.  I was very impressed.

And on the down side, again, sitting that long in the movie theater aggravated my tail bone and it is still a bit sore (I got home from the movies two hours ago).

I did start the Adipose Plushie, though.  I started it after I received my Knit Picks package, as it had the needles I needed.  The yarn, Cascade Cash Vero, produces a lovely thick and squashy fabric on US size 5 needles.  By the way, the Knit Picks DPNs are very nice to work with.

That's all for now.

P.S.  In my order was a book.  A Treasury of Magical Knitting by Cat Bordhi.  I'm way excited.  I've already looked through it a bit, and I can't wait until I have time to make something from it.  =]

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