Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's that time again....

Yup, it's time to start thinking about what we're making/getting people for Christmas. Of course, many of my friends and family have fall/winter birthdays as well. I have begun my gift list - who's getting something handmade and what it is, some jewelry ideas for the girls on my list (Overstock.com is amazing for this, amazing jewelry at amazing prices!), etc. Also, since the startitis has not gone away yet, I've started one of the gifts, my sister Allyson's birthday present (she turns 13 on October 27th). It's a slouchy beret called Swirls Slouchy Beret, and it's available at Knit Picks through their Independent Designer Program. I'm making it out of two colors of Karabella Empire Silk - an aran weight 100% silk yarn. Pictures later.
Also related to gifts, I finished my first handspun yesterday! Well, it still needs to be plied, but the single is done! And what does this have to do with gifts, you ask? I'm planning on using this yarn for the birthday gift of a close friend. I'm planning on knitting a wolf plushie out of it - hopefully I have enough yarn! If not, the wolf may have some stripes or something.

It's quite exciting planning out all these gifts - I know what I'm going to make for another very close friend (really, we're sisters, just not legally or biologically). I'm planning on buying the yarn on Saturday when I'm at work (yay employee discounts!). Of course, I'll need a few more supplies, and the pattern, so perhaps I'll be able to start sometime next week.

And speaking of starting things (I told you, the startitis has not gone away, and it's driving me to look at yarn and patterns all the time), another Fellowship of the Ring series pattern came out yesterday - Strider. It's a gorgeous cowl and it's named after my absolute favorite character in Lord of the Rings. I don't have the yarn for it (otherwise no doubt I already would have started it), and the yarn called for is $40.50 (of course I had to check), but then I started looking at Malabrigo and I found a couple colorways that would be perfect.... and then I had to close the browser and develop a new mantra: "Must not start Strider yet, must not start Strider yet, don't have the money for the yarn or the time to make it, must not start Strider yet." I must resist!

Earlier this summer, Diana asked me if I was planning on finishing all of my WIPs by summer's end, and I laughed and said definitely not. But, I think I may change my answer. Or rather, I'm striking a bargain with myself. If I finish all the projects that are not gifts by September 1st, I will allow myself to buy $90 worth of yarn to make the Saoirse Shawl (from a semi-recent IK issue). We'll see how well this works.

Of course, frogging counts, too. And I'm thinking about frogging the Mystic Meadows shawl. The yarn is pretty, but it's not really calling me. I'm not sure yet, I'll have to look at the project again and reevaluate. If it's gone from the WIP column, you know what happened.


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