Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer Work

Now, normally, I would avoid putting those two words together if at all possible, but I'll make an exception for this. I have a job in my local yarn store, woo! I am now working Saturdays at Eva's Needleworks, and I am super excited. My first day was yesterday and it went really well. Of course, I am anticipating some bumps along the way - I doubt that everything will go as smoothly as it did yesterday.

While there, I made some progress on the Rivendell Smoke Ring (by Susan Pandorf.... told you I had a lot on the needles by her). Since I was working on that, and not Avalon, it could only mean one thing - I finished the first half of Avalon!
I love the colors. I did cast on (almost) immediately for the second half, but I've only done the two set up rows so far - I'm trying to get myself to work on other projects.

And speaking of other projects... There is yarn at Eva's that is used for this one projects I really want to make, the Saoirse Shawl (it's in a relatively recent IK). Normally, the total amount of yarn I'd need would cost $90, but I do get an employee discount.... Maybe sometime soon, eh? (Oh right, I'm trying to only spend the amount of money I have in Knit Wars... so I'll have to wait for a bit.)


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