Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I finished something!

If you look carefully, you'll notice that something has gone from the WIP column... and made it into the finished objects column! It's been a long time since I completely finished something (since I made my sister's birthday present, the Swirls Slouchy Beret), and now my Rivendell Smoke Ring is complete!


It's a bit more... substantial than the original concept for a smoke ring, but I used a thicker yarn, and I still think it is gorgeous. I used BMFA STR Heavyweight in color Gail's Autumn Joy, and I used about 60% of the ball. I used fewer repeats (by 2) than what the pattern called for because otherwise I would have gotten a hood more so than a cowl, and I wanted a cowl. Even at this length, it's pretty long.


But it is so soft, and so squooshy! (Technical term, that.) And I just love the colors. The pattern itself is gorgeous, and I also think it looks fine what with the colors sort of masking it.

Right, now I just have to go and work on something else! (And finish it, too!)


P.S. Di and I have started making really cool stitch markers. Next time I'll have lots of pictures of them. (I've replaced all the stitch markers in my projects with these.)

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