Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happiness came to me in a box.

I got my yarn!!  YAY!!!  Sierra may not get hers, its so soft and squishy and 100% Baby Alpaca.  I may just have to steal it from her.  Hee heee heee, my yarn came, my yarn came.... *trails off gleefully*

Um, I'm really not that crazy, but it is SO soft.  I'll put some piccies in too!

The yarn package:

The lace-weight I'll use for the Mystic Meadows KAL:

The yarn I'll use for my summer vacation project, Coachella:

And, the Fountain Hat fit Kierstyn!!  YAY!!  She took it home with her ^.^  More pictures(!):

Here is the detail for the hat (kinda):

Sierra is hiding behind Kierstyn's shoulder:

What you can't see here is
Sierra facing Kierstyn and flicking her hands in front of Kierstyn's face:


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