Saturday, May 3, 2008


Wow.  My sister bought a hamster last Sunday after her previous hamster, Toffee, died.  When we first got Toffee, we didn't know that she was pregnant.  But she was.  Two weeks later, there were 6 pink things in her bedding.  Hamsters are born furless, deaf, and blind, but not mute.  All they can do is ask mommy to feed them.  Another two weeks, they're runnin' around the cage.  Looking very cute.

Anywhoos, this hamster, Winkie, is girl.  And sometime in the middle of the night, she gave birth to (we think) eight little hamster pups (that's what they're called).  So that's been this morning's excitement.

I'm also trying to clean my sterling silver ring using baking soda, hot water, salt, and aluminum foil.  It works, just not as fast as I'd like.

Last night was CVD, a local fair that happens once a year.  It was so much fun.  My boyfriend got kind of sick but he didn't throw up or anything.  But it was wayyy fun.

Knitting has been a bit slow recently.  I think I have a variation of Second Sock Syndrome.  I cannot seem to bring myself to cast on April's second glove.  Er, I have cast on, but I've yet to join in a round O:-).

My scarf is now 52" long.  Woo!!  Only 12 inches to go =].  And then the fringe.  And then I'll put up pictures!  Yay, pictures!

Later today is my friend's birthday party.  Diana turned 15 a week ago and today she's having a rave-type party, without all the illegal crap.  I made her some cute fingerless gloves.  I'll take a picture of them on her and put them up on Ravelry and on here.

I'm gonna go now.

Edit:  Oh, I bought the Sahara pattern the other day.  Can't wait to make to it!

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