Monday, May 19, 2008

Six Days. O.O

As I type this, I have less than 6 days to knit an afghan.  My cousin is graduating from college in 6 days, and I decided to make her a graduation present.  At least this afghan is knit in squares.  There has to be 20.  I'm on the fourth.  =D

However....  I learned cables!!!  YAY!!  This afghan is my first project with them, and it's way cool to think "Hey, I frikkin' made this!"

Haven't worked on my other projects, but I will after I finish the afghan.  Besides, it's a three hour drive from here to San Diego (my cousin goes to USD), and I'll need something to entertain me on the way back.

I think I'll be able to finish it in time.  I brought it to school today and worked on the square that I was knitting during lunch and chem class.  

It has been way too hot here lately.  Summer should NOT be here yet.  Somebody please take away Mother Nature's crack, mmk?

I've been trying to get more active lately.  I'll see if I can get up tomorrow and continue being active.  *snort*  I doubt I'll be able to.  Also.... homework.  I spent almost 4 hours today with Sierra (there was free food involved!), so no homework got done.

Oh gosh, I'm gonna fall asleep on the keyboard.
Night, all!

P.S.  I bought YARN!!!!!

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