Saturday, April 19, 2008


I frogged my sweater today.  The tension was all off towards the bottom, and I felt like I could make it better if I started over.  I'll probably start it again today.  Maybe.

I hope I can buy the needles I need for the Fountain Hat today.  Maybe I'll be able to buy different needles for my sweater, too.  I'd like that.

I started up my scarf today.  It's no longer hibernating for the winter (and the irony does not escape me).  Maybe I'll finish it by the time summer rolls around!  It will be really useful then (note the sarcasm).

As for April's gloves, they're turning out pretty cool.  I have 7 rounds left until I bind off.  And you can really see the pattern.  I'll update the pics on ravelry once I finish the first glove.

Ooo, pizza for lunch.  Later!


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