Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Okay, hypothetical someone, my previous posts are about to be explained *audience gasps*.

I am knitting my friend April a pair of fingerless gloves as a belated birthday present (she was born on April 1st).  These gloves are the first things I've knitting on dpn's, so they're a bit more difficult.

I'm also making myself a sweater.  My first sweater.  So I really would like to not mess up =D.  It's knit with green chenille yarn ^.^  I can't wait until I'm done, but I've yet to finish the front (it's a basic pullover).

As for S and K, they're my best friends and blood sisters.  However, they are each battling depression, and K has a really bad influence in her life right now - S's (woah, that looks weird) ex-boyfriend.  So, my friends are kinda messed up right now, and it's hard to deal with them sometimes.  This is why I bring my knitting to school.  A lot less stressful.

Well, I've got to go now, school.


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