Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Today was okay.  I got to work on April's gloves at lunch and during math class.  But, I need to compare them to her hands now to see if they need to be longer, so I can't work on them right now.

I worked on my sweater today.  I wanted to get the front done, but it just didn't happen.  Oh well.  Depending on tomorrow's homework, I might be able to get that done tomorrow.

This blog feels weird because it feels like I'm typing to no one, yet I'm writing it as if someone will read it.  But unless this hypothetical someone knows me in person, they won't understand most of it!  XD

Hoping to go to a LYS this weekend.  I need needles for the Fountain Hat.  I also need to get my brain organized -- like that's gonna happen soon.

Knitting is my anti-depressant.  School kinda sucks.  It's great to see my friends, but the school environment is just so stressful.  Not all of it is bad stress - being with my friends is good stress.  But I'd rather be stress-free (as much as possible), so I'd rather be sitting at home and knitting.  I love my friends and I love being with them, but sometimes it's nice to just have some space and do whatever I want to do with outside contact.

Summer needs to be here.  Now.

Night all.

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