Saturday, April 26, 2008

Damn, it's hot.

Bizarrely, it's really hot today.  According to our thermometer (trust it at your own risk) it got to 98 degrees Fahrenheit here.  It's APRIL, not July.  School shouldn't be in session if it's this hot.  This is summer weather.

Well, I've been downloading CDs to my uncle's iPod all day long.  Forty-eight CDs and something like seven hours.  >.<  Almost done.  Two CDs to go.

As a bribe, my aunt brought me an I-cord maker.  I've been having fun haha.  I've been thinking of what I'll make with the I-cord, and I thought of a pretty purse knit in seed stitch.  I just hope that there will be enough I-cord.  But I will be knitting it on size 19 needles =D.

Sierra, my bestest friend, has been designing knit tank tops in her head all day.  I've been listening to Cheryl Kemp's knitting podcast, and I suggested to Sierra that we make one.  I received an enthusiastic yes from her =].

I got a few more inches on my scarf done.  I worked on the Fountain Hat a bit last night, but haven't touched it today.  April's final glove hasn't moved since the stitches were cast on.

I need new yarn, but I won't have any money until May comes.  There are a lot of projects I want to do, but don't currently have the yarn for them.  Well, I'll figure something out.

Got to go (less than one CD left!!).

P.S. My dad is going to take me to Starbucks later.  Cool!!

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